The Hiring

In November of 2019, Support Life Foundation embarked on a campaign to help marginalized communities get employed by partnering with the US Census team to help administer the census in 2020.

The goal? 1000 Applications.

4 Months across 16 cities and 60 job fairs later, Support Life Foundation not only hit the mark, they overshot it, by nearly 40 percent! The Support Life Foundation and their team of volunteers helped complete 1400 applications.

“We are proud to be a part of the largest US-wide mobilization effort outside of a war. With hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated from counties, cities, non-profits, and the federal government to make every individual count.” Says Support Life Foundation’s Executive Director, Salah Elbakri.

Currently, Support Life Foundation has moved towards virtual census activism to further assist these communities in their endeavors. With new digital tools, aggressive phone-banking efforts, and targeted social media campaigns that reach out to underrepresented communities across the state of California, all are aimed to bridge the gap between hard-to-reach communities and the US Census team. The main driver in the foundation’s arsenal will be multi-lingual support and cultural diversity – skills that ultimately make or break outreach efforts of this type. Support Life’s online campaigns will launch within the next two weeks.

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